The INTACT project aims to draw together knowledge from stakeholders and experts, analyses and assessments, to help and make critical infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather. As such the potential benefits of the project for European infrastructure is self-evident. In order to make the results of this complicated undertaking usable and accessible, the findings will be brought together in the INTACT Wiki.

This wiki provides a platform for users to search for expertise, research, results and outcomes across the range of subject areas examined for this project. This includes different geographical areas, climate conditions, particular forms of extreme weather events, or the merits of different strategies and approaches compared to others. The INTACT Wiki will be designed to be an easy to use tool for decision makers, stakeholders involved in the development process of critical infrastructure, or those involved in operational management of infrastructure or crisis response. It will feature a number of convenient entrance points, catering to specific informational needs, amongst which you will find information for specific geographical areas, governmental bodies, CI operators, specific CI sectors, best practices and experiences, and a quick and convenient reference guide summarizing the main topics in the wiki.

In short, the results and outcomes of the INTACT project will be available to anyone who wishes via the INTACT Wiki.